Sugar Dust Hints

Hint: Can't find the sugar dust behind this pile of stuff!

Hint: One way or another, I'm gonna gacha gacha gacha!!!

DressMe Designs
Hint: I  am waiting for a Kiss

Lunamoon's Creation Shop
Hint: all the way up!

NR Designs
Hint: i'm where pictures hang

Celtic Creations
Hint: Have you ever seen a zombie with more kissable lips?

Cake Fox
Hint: "Eyes the colour of, (Water left in mud) - Icing sugar dust" (Arctic Monkeys: Stop the World I Wanna Get Off With You)

Shady Ladies
Hint:  Do you like my lipstick or does it look BAAAAAD?

Karma's Kreations
Hint: please use multi hunt hint giver located on Hunt wall

KOALA Designs
Hint: The symbol of or ur store is a ..... ? (male hint)
Do you want to be a Koala? (female hint)

*Tiffany Designs*
Hint: Go at the entrance - then turn left to MEN Area - there you will find it near the Tiffany Logo. (men)
Hint: Go at the big entrance and you look on your right side. You will find it behind the "Steal and Deals" Sign. (female)

Hint: Gifts are always the best kind of sugar...

Hint: I'm afraid the heat from the fire might melt my candy, I'll just leave it in the bag, so I can still warm my toes :D

Hint: by the fairies

mattie rae's textures
Hint:   the news is just shocking!

Goddess Couture
Hint: even skulls can play

Isis Boutique
Hint: Sugar Lips

USC Textures
Hint: "Sugar and spice and everything nice.. slugs and snails, puppy dog tails.. the verses of the old nursery rhyme lead you to the same place"


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