Mystical Fantasy Hint list

Hint: Let the fary that gives love bites light your way

Hint:   The other side of something "Glitter"

Hint: Find the flowers as dark as my heart

Morte's Seduction
Hint: Hint Giver at shop

Hint: Look near hunt poster

Hint: A hangout for Gypsies

Avro Wings
Hint:  The clock is ticking!

Hint:  "pink sakura tree"

Stitches Creations
Hint: Nothing more mystical than giant mushrooms!

Imagine Flowers and Garden
Hint: A tisket, a tasket, a pretty spring basket...

Feyline Fashions
Hint: Pop goes the weasel!

Dreamscape Wedding Design
Hint: Roses are red.

Vicious Decay
Hint: Tumbling

Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint: Upstairs in women section just look for a Macaron dress :))

Hint: "I has a horn!"

The Rug Shop
hint: Close to the ground is where fairy's are found, face west, objects abound.

Celtic Creations
Hint: My wild Irish rose.....the sweetest flower that grows...............

Hint:  A single horn holds the magic of the universe.

Hint:   Let the packing begin

Cake Fox
Hint: I feel so free, It’s like a fantasy - Havin’ you next to me - Suddenly it’s magic (Frencheska Farr:  Suddenly It's Magic)

USC Textures
Hint: The Cat in a Hat

P.S I Love You Gestures
Hint: What has a ring, but no finger?

Global Nomads
Hint: Follow the wings

PeKaS Design
Hint: walk around the store and find the lucky letters

AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
Hint: i hate it when they spam the local chat at party or when we are just talking

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint M:  I'm close to the giraffe (front the FREEBIES hut:-)
Hint F:  Find me front the giraffe.... near the Free Sounds Drum box...

Elegance by Elysa
Hint: People cuddle where the dolphins leap

NR Designs
Hint: second floor

Eternally Strange
Hint: Edgar Allen Poe's friend

C&N Designs
Hint: Sold Out

Hint: A Mermaid and her baby are mystical creatures.

VIPs creations
Hint: She has Wings and she is in Love!

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations
My magic hat's not hard to find,
Just walk straight back and look around.
Group Discounts come to mind,
I'm neither high nor on the ground.

Fi's Creations
Hint: "Josy's Fatpack"

Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot diggity dog!!!Find the hotdog get a prize!!!!Get it while it's hot!

Hint: Where am I? Oh! I'm Visiting Ruckus 

.:*Connaught Empire*:.
 Hint: Harry Potter knows where the hat is

Hint: Gacha!

 An Lema
Hint: "Hobbit you ever served up a little bit of magic on a platter or two?"

Lone Wolf Studio
Hint: This wolf knows whats up 

Irrisistable Shop
 Hint: i love burton


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    Anyway the prizes seem nice, thank you.

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  3. hello could you tell me what the store is for the titania outfit?