LTSF hints

Hint: Slowly rocked by the waves, the sky might not be the only place the sparks fly

Hint:  It Belongs In The Sand!

Hint: The sparks fly off my rubies and diamonds.

Stitches Creations
Hint: Whats more American than a good old fashioned bar-b-que?

Hint: Underground, where water flows, a secret nook, where torches burn.

The Broken Glass Boutique
Hint: Slow down to stop and smell the roses.

Evolving Pixels
Hint: I didn't know that the pizza would explode!

P.S I Love You Gestures
Hint:  What sees, but never is in sight, closes but is never shut?

global nomads
Hint: I have the best view of the store......and of the fireworks!

Hint:   With a mighty BOOM the Seahawks Won!!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint : Looks at the Gifts Group Stand, near the inviter Group :-)

NR Deisgns
Hint: Second Floor

Hint:  "birds sing"

Firelight Creations
Hint: Mens: Do you feel lucky?
       Ladies:   Its curtains for you!

SHHH!!! It's a Secret
Hint: they are just used for walking around 

Lone wolf studio
Hint: Lost something in inventory? This can help get it back!

Pink and Zain's Wedding Store
Hint: I love going to the beach, setting off fireworks and building sand castles.

Hint: Your HUGS & KISSES make me sparkle!

Hint: Bloggers wanted! oh pick me! 

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