Dark Twisted Fantasy (twisted carnival)

This is our first ever actual fair! We are doing a special Twisted Carnival! Everything twisted!

• Designer Applications Open - May 21st
• Designer Application Deadline - September 21st
• Designer Payment Deadline - As accepted, no later then September 23rd
• Set Up Opens - October 1st
• Set Up Deadline - October 8th
• Blogger Days - October 1st-end
• Opening Day - October 9th
• Closing Day - October 19th
• Clean Up - October 20th
*Please Note - We will be accepting no more than 60 Designers for the fair

Normal: 500

regular: 250 for 2 gachas
or 150 for 1

 Rules & Info
• Create at least one brand new exclusive item for the fair. When we say exclusive we mean only sold at the event for the duration of it. This item can be sold in your store after the event is over.

• All designers must obey by our strict deadline dates. Anyone not paid by payment deadline will be dropped from the fair and replaced with a designer off our waiting list. Any store not set up by setup deadline will be replaced by a store from our waiting list. No refunds, no exceptions!

• Required to have a group space available for our group for updates and access

• Stay within your stores prim limits for your assigned booth. Along with keeping all items within your booth.

• Only scripts permitted are landmark givers and vendors

• No gachas in stores, we have gacha areas

If you have any further questions or need further explanation in regards to info on this application, please do not hesitate to send a notecard or an IM to karakarkar.


Make a notecard and label it "DTF designer application"

Please fill this out and return it to karakarkar.

Name: (not display)

Store name:

[ ] store
[ ] gacha (Number here)

Do you agree to our rules and know they are final?

Stores are required to stay as close to theme, while gachas HAVE to be theme, as possible, is this ok?

are you able to make one exclusive item?

Do you agree to pay upon acceptance?

can you agree to the timeline?

Thank you for filling this out we will get back with you soon!
Inkantation group

Blogger Application:

Please fill out notecard and send to karakarkar, name it "TCF Blogger App - your name"


*Photos Do Not have To Be Of High Quality, But they Do Have To look Decent! <3

Application Turn-In Deadline: August 31

Must Blog At least 3 Sponsors. Must Also Blog From At least 3 Non-Sponsors Meaning At least 6 Designers MUST Be Blogged (Does Not Mean You Have To Have 6 Separate Posts, Just 6 Separate Designers' Items Blogged By End Of Fair). I Will Randomly Check All Blogs Before/During The Fair.

Blog Must Be At least 2 Months Old And Have At Least 10 Posts So I Know You Are An Active Blogger.

If You Have All Of These Checked, Please Fill Out The App! <3

 Fill out notecard and name "TCF blogger app (your name)", then send to karakarkar

Name (Login Name):

Blog URL(s):

Flickr URL:

can you put the ad image on your blog for us?

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

Can You Fulfill Blogging 6 Designers' Items?

Thank you!
Inkantation group

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