Advertise your store!

Ad Placement And Pricing

  • Right Sidebar – Top (3 positions available): L$550 per week
  • Right Sidebar – Bellow store of month (3): L$500 per week
  • Right Sidebar – Bellow blog archive (3): L$450 per week
  • Page Bottom (4 positions available): L$350 per week

Placing an Ad

Payment for Ads must be made at Simply find the rental box for the ad placement you desire and pay into it for the number of weeks you would like your ad to run. The minimum rental period is 1 week. Ad placements may be renewed at any time prior to the end of the rental period.
Once payment has been made, send your ad image to Karakarkar along with your URL (if desired) ON A NOTECARD!

Additional Details

  • One ad per person
  • WE reserves the right to refuse ads for any reason. Ad payments will be refunded.

Make sure and look for this sign when you go to rent and not the fair site sign!!!

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