Thursday, July 31, 2014

Starships and aliens list

Hint: Shhh don't tell my secret.

Hint: the doctor's enemy holds the secret!

Nightmare Design
Hint:  ET Phone Home.

Hint: "Try your Lucky!"

Divine Diamond Productions
Hint: Beam me up Scotty

Hint: "They were giants among us..."

Shanti Behemian
Hint: This little spaceship got parked in a nice quiet corner!

Dreamscape Wedding Design
Hint: Do aliens like books?

Goddess Couture
Hint: Might need to call scully and mulder

NR Designs
Hint: on the wall

Celtic Creations
Hint: Maybe I'll grab a few Gotcha prizes while I'm here. Those socks look nice and warm.

isis boutique
Hint: Interstellar

Elegance by Elysa
Hint:   Meditate in an exotic arabian setting

Tsychotic Designs
Hint: You'll find me where you can seek the heavens.

Kittycat's Creations
Hint:  I think I will take a look at the marketplace...see whats there.

USC Textures
Hint: "He flew on the air like a storm - Dark was the night, for he gathered the stars in his hand - To light a path through the sky - While the hooves of his charger - Made comets of fire, bewitching all eyes" -- Magna Carta "Lord of the Ages" (1973)

Infinity Creations
Hunt hint - Up the stairs and around the corner

Harambee Gwassi-kenya Charity Shop
Hint: I'm Near, in flight on the poster of august hunts!

.: Eclectic Stars:.
Hint: A very menacing alien race. Resistance is futile!

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