Thursday, July 31, 2014

Starships and aliens list

Hint: Shhh don't tell my secret.

Hint: the doctor's enemy holds the secret!

Nightmare Design
Hint:  ET Phone Home.

Hint: "Try your Lucky!"

Divine Diamond Productions
Hint: Beam me up Scotty

Hint: "They were giants among us..."

Shanti Behemian
Hint: This little spaceship got parked in a nice quiet corner!

Dreamscape Wedding Design
Hint: Do aliens like books?

Goddess Couture
Hint: Might need to call scully and mulder

NR Designs
Hint: on the wall

Celtic Creations
Hint: Maybe I'll grab a few Gotcha prizes while I'm here. Those socks look nice and warm.

isis boutique
Hint: Interstellar

Elegance by Elysa
Hint:   Meditate in an exotic arabian setting

Tsychotic Designs
Hint: You'll find me where you can seek the heavens.

Kittycat's Creations
Hint:  I think I will take a look at the marketplace...see whats there.

USC Textures
Hint: "He flew on the air like a storm - Dark was the night, for he gathered the stars in his hand - To light a path through the sky - While the hooves of his charger - Made comets of fire, bewitching all eyes" -- Magna Carta "Lord of the Ages" (1973)

Infinity Creations
Hunt hint - Up the stairs and around the corner

Harambee Gwassi-kenya Charity Shop
Hint: I'm Near, in flight on the poster of august hunts!

.: Eclectic Stars:.
Hint: A very menacing alien race. Resistance is futile!

Through the Jungle list


Nightmare Design
Hint:  Time to sort out the books.

Harmony Designs
Hint: rawr!!

Iron Tiger
Hint:  Diamonds in the jungle?
         Not unless you're digging.
         She wears a fine white blouse,
         With gold and gems a'dripping.

Hint: "come dance with me, then sit under a tree"

Incendia Outdoors
Hint:  Hint giver at Landing point

Global Nomads
Hint: i found a nice branch to hide on

Goddess Couture
Hint: Might need me a Kitty

Brii Underground Wear
Hint: stairs and ramps serve to go up or down

Stitches Creations
Hint:  Over the river and through the woods.......

NR Designs
Hint: on the wall

Celtic Creations
Hint: Just hanging out with the Pirates. Betcha thought I was a parrot!

Isis Boutique
Hint: Beautiful birds can be found in a secluded pond in the jungle.

Hint: purple lavender

Imagine Flowers and Garden
Hint: Giggle

Hint:  Are there Petite flowers in a jungle?

Tsychotic Designs
Hint: It's a jungle out there! Why not rest a while here!

Shhh! It's a Secret
Hint: You get around in these

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint *F: In front of the hunting sign, on the bench with the Monkey:-)
Hint *U: I'm near... on the Market of African baskets

Fi's Creations
Hint : News !


Journey of the sea hint list

I'm hiding in a room full of shirts!

Nightmare Design
Hint: The Crows Look Hungry.

Hint: "This gearpunk door is AWESOME"

Harmony Designs
Hint: I'm above the sea level where a burlesque could take place.

Global Nomads
Hint:  oh wait....I am not a salmon

Dreamscape Wedding Design
Hint: In love with a view of the sea.

Goddess Couture
Hint: There is more beauty in the ocean

Stitches Creations
Hint: Someone must have been fishing off the deck.

Potpourri Designs
Hint: Go to the 2nd floor, then take the white Anywhere Door.  I'm hiding in plain sight.

NR Designs
Hint: on the wall

Isis Boutique
Hint: Nautical Stripes

Celtic Creations
Hint: I hope the cat's not hungry

Hint: " Fish  like waterl"

Elegance by Elysa
Hint: People cuddle where the dolphins leap

Hint: even BIRDS use water to take a BATH!

Hint:   I do love gold.

Morte's Seduction
Hint: Hint Giver at the shop


Harambee Grassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint *F: I'm among the jewels for sale, where flying the butterflies!
Hint *U: You see me? On the Freebies sign

Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations
Hint: This little fish has no need to roam,
He's hiding quite safely near his Seaside home.
I don't think he wants to end up on a plate,
so he's hoping you'll miss him behind this crate.

Tsychotic Designs
Hint: When Sailor's get lost they use a compass. Like a compass, this will always lead you back here!

Shh! It's a Secret
Hint:  Mary didn't have this lil Lamb

Shadow Dreams
Hint: what's an adirondack?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sweet Candy Surpise

Candy and other things sugary and pink

• Designer Applications Open - July 7th
• Designer Application Deadline - August 25th
• Designer Payment Deadline - As accepted, no later then August 27th
• Set Up Opens - August 31st
• Set Up Deadline - September 6th
• Blogger Days -September 1st til end.
• Opening Day - September 7th
• Closing Day - September 28th
• Clean Up - September 29th

*Please Note - We will be accepting no more than 30 Designers for the fair

400 2gachas  and a 10 prim stall
Sponsor: 700 3 gachas, can have 4, 25 prim booth, name plaster all over, images all over

 Rules & Info
• Create at least one brand new exclusive item for the fair. When we say exclusive we mean only sold at the event for the duration of it. This item can be sold in your store after the event is over.

• All designers must obey by our strict deadline dates. Anyone not paid by payment deadline will be dropped from the fair and replaced with a designer off our waiting list. Any store not set up by setup deadline will be replaced by a store from our waiting list. No refunds, no exceptions!

• Required to have a group space available for our group for updates and access

• Stay within your stores prim limits for your assigned booth. Along with keeping all items within your booth.

• Only scripts permitted are landmark givers and vendors

• No gachas in stores, we have gacha asigned

If you have any further questions or need further explanation in regards to info on this application, please do not hesitate to send a notecard or an IM to karakarkar.


Make a notecard and label it "SCS designer application"

Please fill this out and return it to karakarkar or return to inbox at the office

Name: (not display)

Store name:

Make a selection:
[ ] gacha
How many?

[ ] stall (if just stall, 400, 10 prims, Gachas come with stall)
[ ] sponsor

Gachas CAN have a stall, and it be part of the fee, if you want just a stall that is alright too!

If you marked gacha, do you want a stall?

Do you agree to our rules and know they are final?

are you able to make one exclusive item to put into gacha?

Do you agree to pay upon acceptance?

can you agree to the timeline?

Thank you for filling this out we will get back with you soon!
Inkantation group

Blogger Application:

Please fill out notecard and send to karakarkar, name it "SCS Blogger App - your name"


*Photos Do Not have To Be Of High Quality, But they Do Have To look Decent! <3

I WILL NOT Be Accepting More Than 40 Bloggers!

Application Turn-In Deadline: August 31

Must Blog At least 3 Sponsors. Must Also Blog From At least 3 Non-Sponsors Meaning At least 6 Designers MUST Be Blogged (Does Not Mean You Have To Have 6 Separate Posts, Just 6 Separate Designers' Items Blogged By End Of Fair). I Will Randomly Check All Blogs Before/During The Fair.

Blog Must Be At least 2 Months Old And Have At Least 10 Posts So I Know You Are An Active Blogger.

If You Have All Of These Checked, Please Fill Out The App! <3

 Fill out notecard and name "TCF blogger app (your name)", then send to karakarkar, or return inworld to the office.

Name (Login Name):

Blog URL(s):

Flickr URL:

can you put the ad image on your blog for us?

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

Can You Fulfill Blogging 6 Designers' Items?

Thank you!
Inkantation group