Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mystical Fantasy

Please fill out a notecard and rename it "MFH APP (your name) (your store name)" and send to karakarkar, failure to do so COULD result in not accepted


Store name:

Contact person:


What do you sell:

Sim Rating:

How did you hear about us:


Have you read all of our rules on the website?

Have you joined our group? (must join)

Hunt group: secondlife:///app/group/9b2c5537-abdb-0607-b595-c7ee17a8a9a8/about

copy and past to nearby chat



MFH  Rules

1. must be a new item made for the hunt

2. must be UNISEX or one male one female for Fantasy related

3. Must have item ready by deadline

4. MUST obey the timelines

5. If you a sponsor and fail, you do not get refunded


MFH deadlines:

app deadline: June 19

SLurl check: As received (hunt objects given with first pack to save time.)

Signs out by: as received please, if later let us know

Final pack send outs with next location landmark: June 23

Hint sent by: June 26
Items in place: June 26
 Final walk through (many will be done to check SLurls and such:  June 27

Hunt starts: july 1st!

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