Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Open Road biker hunt

The open road HUNT!

What do you dream up?

Please fill out a notecard and rename it "TORH APP (your name) (your store name)" and send to karakarkar, failure to do so COULD result in not accepted


Store name:

Contact person:


What do you sell:

Do you want to be a sponsor and be one of the first stores? (costs: 200)

Hunt group: secondlife:///app/group/9b2c5537-abdb-0607-b595-c7ee17a8a9a8/about

copy and past to nearby chat



TORH Rules

1. must be a new item made for the hunt

2. must be UNISEX or one male one female for biker: dudes and babes!

3. Must have item ready by deadline

4. MUST obey the timelines


TORH deadlines:

app deadline: may 22

SLurl check: As received (hunt objects given with first pack to save time.)

Signs out by: as received please

Hint sent by: may 27

Items in place: may 27

 Final walk through (many will be done to check SLurls and such:  May 30

Hunt starts: june 1st!

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