Thursday, February 6, 2014

Seems unspoken rules need spoken

We have been having..ALOT of issues with some of you so we had to write up the rules

Due to recent events, we have to remind you all of some no duh rules and add some new rules.

1. You MUST stick with timelines, we are going to add in some timeline things soon.

2. IF you do not get your hint cards in in time, you either are removed from the hunt, or you have a good reason let us know.

3. You MUST make both a male or a female item or one unisex. NO questions or excuses! We are designed for BOTH genders.

4. We reserve every right to remove you if we see fit.

5. NO drama allowed. That means no fighting with store owners, no screaming at any of the staff, and no causing issues in the group:
       i. if you sexually harass another store, the staff, or anyone in the group you will be removed from a hunt and/or barred from entering another
       ii. If you put down ANY one you may be removed from a hunt til either an apology is made and they accept, or removed for the whole hunt.
       iii. you may not bash any of the hunts in group or to other hunters.

6. This rule is specific to other organizers. If you organize your own hunts, and you try to interfere with ANY of inkantations hunts, we reserve the right to remove or bar you from any of the hunts:
      i. If you try to take over an idea or a theme you will be removed and/or barred from hunts.
      ii. If you advertise your hunts in our group you will be temporarily banned. We are not your advertising spot.
      iii. If you intentionally "steal" any stores against their will you will be removed and they have the right to block you.
      iiii. If you try to tell us how to run things you will be asked to stop. after 3 times you will be temporarily removed.

7. Applications Must be  filled out AS wrote or we reserve the right to not accept you. We ask them the way we do for a specific reason.

8. This rule is to protect the stores. The staff has NO right to give extra hints for stores. If you would like to allow them to, you may let them know, we will be adding that to hint card forms soon.

9. This rule is to protect the staff. Everything said to the staff group before released to group is confidential. Do not ask them about anything or you could be removed from group.

10. Absolutely NO marketplace stores! you can have one, but you MUST have an Inworld store to be in our hunts! No questions.

11. If you fail to stick to timeline and/or you break any rules and you are a SPONSOR: We do NOT refund!!!! We work hard, we do not need our time wasted.

 If you have any ideas for themes, faires, or fashion shows, please let us know! we would love to hear others ideas.

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