Thursday, February 6, 2014


NOW til the 15th!
1/2 off deals!

for one picture, single, couple, or group, it is 200, limited time

For a 5 picture bundle: 350L for single, 450L for couples, 475 for group/family
For a 10 picture bundle: 750L for single, 1000L for couples, 1250 for group/family!
For a 20 picture bundle: 1000L for single, 1250L for couples, 1300 for group/family!

for 5 pictures: 250L
For 10 pictures: 500L
for 25 pictures: 750L
Any more worked out ahead of time

With weddings, you can pick how many of groups, how many of just the bride and groom, and the picture at the altar is a free gift with it! So add a photo to it all!
Also, you can even have before wedding and after wedding pictures done! if you get a package above, you can split it and have some done in advanced or after, OR you can pay for more pictures, of prewedding and after wedding, which will be same costs.

PLEASE BE AWARE! you MUST pay half in advance!


To book a shoot, Fill out this part and rename the notecard " Valentine Booking for ________" with your name.

How many pictures?

Do you have places you want them at?

What sort of scenario are you looking for if not?

how many people in the pictures? just you, couple, group?

What times are you available to take them? what times would you want to?

Send the notecard to Karakarkar! thanks!

Example photos to look at on flicker

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