Sunday, December 29, 2013

Frozen with a Sparkle Faire

January 6-13 and may extend if it goes well!

it will have a sim wide hunt but if you would LIKE you may join!
Just IM karakarkar and she will get you information!
It Is a free hunt, and shows appreciation to all hunters

also all sponsors will have a sign with their landmark!
So if you are an approved sponsor for any of the hunts send in your logos!

We MAY set it up where you guys can rent a cart for the week!
putting out some of your stuff but we are still talking about it!

If there are any djs that would like to dj through that week just holler at me!
We will have a couple lined up!
Hosts? if you want to too you may! just let me know!

On the 12th we will be having the
Frozen with a Sparkle masquerade ball!
from 4pm sl til 10 pm sl! Yes! Plenty of time to bring in loved ones!
It is a winter ball and will mostly be showing an appreciation to everyone!
And no you do not have to stay the whole time!

Location will be sent Monday!
Any other questions let me know!
We want to show our appreciation by throwing this event for you all!
Enough that it will turn into a yearly tradition!




Please fill out a notecard and rename it "MMH APP (your name) (your store name)" and send to karakarkar


Store name:

Contact person:


What do you sell:

Do you want to be a sponsor and be one of the first stores? (costs: 200)

Hunt group: secondlife:///app/group/9b2c5537-abdb-0607-b595-c7ee17a8a9a8/about
copy and past to nearby chat



MMH rules:

1. must be a new item made for the hunt

2. must be UNISEX or one male one female for MARCH MADNESS!

3. Must have item ready by deadline

 MMH deadlines:

app deadline: feb 22

SLurl check: As received (hunt objects given with first pack to save time.)

Signs out by: as received please

Hint sent by: feb 25

Items in place: Feb 25
 Final walk through (many will be done to check SLurls and such:  Feb 27
Hunt starts: March 1st!